Only the highest quality imported replacement or original part for mostly all vehicles on South African roads. Bonnets      Bumpers      Bumper  brackets    &n

Bakkie Car Taxi have only the best quality replacement cooling products for you: Aircon Condensor      Electric Fans      Radiator Exp Tanks     &n

Bakkie Car Taxi Service Centre, have the latest diagnostic equipment that enables us to find faults on the clients vehicle within 15 minutes thus no time is wasted looking for faults. The Service Centre is able to diagnose&nbs

High quality imported eletrical parts in stock:  Alternators, bearings, rectifiers, regulators, stators. Starters, armuters, bendix, repair kits, selonoides. Coil's, Coil Packs, Distributors, Electronic&nbs

High quality imported replacement and original engine parts: Cam Followers, Camshafts, Cranck Gears, Cranckshaft Pully, Cranckshaft, Cylinderheads, Diesel pumps, Fuel pumps, Gaskets, Oil pumps, 

Bakkie Car Taxi Service Centre, we offer you as a client: All mechanical repairs and maintenance Minor and Major services Engine complete  rebuild to OEM standards Gearbox and diff rebuilds.  Fleet maintenance and re

Stock suspension parts for most of the vehicles on the South African Roads.   Ball Joints, Brake Disc's, Brake Drum's, Brake Caliper, Control Arms, Centre Bearing, CV Joints,  Dra

We cary a wide range of transmission parts.   Brake Booster, Brake Cylinders, Brake Master Cylinders, Brake Pads, Brake shoes, Clutch Master, Clutch Slave, Crown Wheel & Pinion, Diff Bear

Bakkie Car Taxi Propshaft division, caters for all automotives on the South African roads. We cater for all kind of propshafts and offer the following services: Recondition of propshaft Manufacture  Balancing Cut and weld &nb