Executive Summary


Smash Service, Spares & Propshaft Centre is registered as a multi-functional automotive business that was established

Smash Service, Spares & Propshaft Centre was established specialities in the service of Mechanical services, repairs, spares and diagnostics, in the service and re-manufacturing, repairing and balancing of Prop-shafts and CV-Joints..

The company’s operations are not only based on specializing with body panels, electrical, mechanical, diffs, gear boxes, prop-shafts, cv-joints, suspensions and spares, but an entity that renders service beyond customers’ expectations giving clients the choice of being supplied with materials of quality and which applies to other mechanical activities of similar nature.

We are committed to service excellence to our client(s) and adapting to changes in the modern technological world of mechanical engineering.

 Mission Statement

  • To provide service with sustainable quality that guarantees customers satisfaction.
  • To always meet international standards of mechanical works and regulations.
  • To sustain a professional conduct towards our clients, suppliers and all other role players.


  • To re-define quality and excellence within mechanical fraternity.
  • To be the preferred choice in terms of our job specification.
  • Empowering women and the youth in having their own manufacturing brand.


  • Professionalism                    :  To maintain code of good practice
  • Integrity                                 :  To treat client’s property not only with great care and integrity, but as individual fundamental property rights.
  • Social Responsibility             :  To conduct our service in a nature that respects the social living standards of other people and participants in social stability of this country.
  • Loyalty                                  :  To be honest, transparent and reasonably fair in our pricing and dealing

Basic Business Activity

  • Replacement on imported or original body parts for most vehicles on South African roads.
  • Replacing of cooling products, engine, suspension and transmission parts.
  • Diagnostics - Vehicle fault finding within 15 minutes with our latest diagnostic equipment’s.  
  • Re-manufacture, service, repair and balancing of Prop-shafts and CV-Joints for any type of vehicle, truck or earthmoving machinery.
  • Mechanical repairs, maintenance minor and major and motor engineering.
  • Insurance, Extended warranty repairs and services



 At SMASH Service, Spares & Propshaft  Centre our motto is

""service excelence

be the man in the street or business or fleet owners!